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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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wasn't a good person, and that he would just keep on and keep on and keep on. because while i was sitting there, you know, listening to the other ladies' impact statements and it just kept getting more violent and more violent. and i just felt like that if... when he does get out he's not going to change. >> kurtis: the judge sentences cave to life, but with the possibility of parole in 20 years. the sentence is not enough for lisa leach, who is already planning her trip before the parole board. >> if i have to go in there and be the most pitiless blind woman in the world to make them keep him, i swear i will. oh, yeah. i'll make sure i'm there and i'll make sure he don't get out. >> some victims were thinking about in 20 years they'll go in front of the parole board to testify against him too. but in 20 years we don't have to worry about this guy in our community, and these victims don't have to be fearful that the same guy might come back and attack them. so i think we all won and joe cave lost.
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(male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now.tonight many dealing with multiple fires in san francisco. the latest. a restaurant fire in the tenderloin district that sends residents scrambling out of their apartment building. kron 4's haaziq madyun spoke with those residents about the fire. >> "fire, fire get out now" >> "we just immediately grabbed our wallets and left" >> "the entire building was evacuated" >> reporter: evacuated because of a fast moving fire that started in this restaurant then quickly moved up several floorsburning its way to the top of this mixed-use
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building on golden gate and larkin street in san francisco >> "it was a grease flute in the restaurant that extended up the floors and got into 8 apartments" >> reporter: smoke was a major problem for residents trying to get out of the building >> "we looked down the hallwayall the way to the top" >> "no time for that" >> reporter: it took about an hour for sf firefighters to contain the 2-alarm blazeall of the residents made it out safely with no reports of fire related injuriesin san franciso haaziq madyun kron4news >> a late night fire on haight street near steiner had tenants combing thru the ashes today. kron4's maureen kelly shows us the damage. >> reporter: this youtube video you are looking at shows the flames and smoke from the 2nd alarm fire that broke out at around just after 11:30 pm saturday.the red cross says 7 units and 17 people were affected.some by the water and smoke damagebut here you can see one the apartments that was destroyedthis tenant surveying the damage.
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has lived in this apartment for more than 30 years >> a few things are gone, a few things gone because of water because of smoke and something still can be used. >> reporter: his instruments made it thru relatively ok.but his home is unlivable the charred timbers of the attic now can be seen thru holes in the ceiling. what possesions he has leftblackened.and wet, covered with ash and insulationwhich is also muddying the floors. >> it's not fun >> his roommate came home this morning to find her life turned upside down >> everything is gone, it's hard to even stand in there because there is so much smoke to breathe dust, ashes everything is just black and wet and piles of burnt stuff
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>> reporter: the good one was physicall hurt.but some found the fact that they were without a place to call home.difficult to deal with emotionally. >> i am really really thankful to be safe and alive but it just feels really hard i feel really naked, i don't know what to do, where to go, even really how to feel >> reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news.
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>> a hazmat team was called in to this big-5 sporting goods store here on el camino real in san mateoafter multiple customers were overwhelmed by an airborne substance inside the store >> "the pepper spray route" as a precaution the burger king next door was also evacuated.inside the big-5. the hazmat team found no significant evidence of harmful substance material a gang member is wanted by the santa cruz police department. following a terrifying home invasion robbery earlier this week. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the suspect doesn't live far from his victims. this blue house on fairmount avenue in santa cruz is just three blocks down from this green home on poplar avenue. where just after four o'clock wednesday morning. police now say this man. police now say this man. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months
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bay's old friend. plus - a watchdog group warning parents about nap mats for pre-schoolers.that could be toxic. and finally some good news at the pumps? we'll tell you why gas prices are headed back down soon. there may be some relief at the pump in our near future. this according to the publisher of the lundberg survey. gas prices have risen nearly 54 cents over the past nine weeks. but lundberg says that crude oil prices are going down and wholesale prices are following. the national average is up to $3.80. that's up ten cents from the same time last year. but here in the bay area the average price for a gallon of gas looks a lot different. in san francisco a gallon of gas cost $4.25. in oakland the average price is $4.17. and in san jose that gallon of gas will cost you $4.18. down to the final hours before "sequestration" coming up, we'll see what if
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anything democrats and republicans are doing to put a stop to automatic cuts. countdown to sequestration and there are only a few been essentially temperatures. >> essentially telesasome chilly temperatures
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>> days left until massive budget cuts sink their teeth into the governments budget. cristina mutchler takes a look at what both democrats and republicans are doing to stop the automatic cuts from happening. >> reporter: there are only five days left before forced federal spending cuts go into effect. as the clock ticks toward the march 1st deadline, the political blame game is heating up. >> "i'm a republican. my audience is trying to persuade my former colleagues they need to come to the table with a proposal, which, frankly, they haven't done. the president has. the republicans haven't." >> reporter: on saturday, the president made another plea for action.
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warning of cuts in education, transportation, and the military that he says would only slow the economy. president obama says the cuts don't have to happen -- the problem is republicans won't compromise. >> "are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask anything more of those at the very top?" >> reporter: louisiana's republican governor, bobby jindal called the administration's dire warnings, "political theatre." >> "families, businesses have had to tighten their belts and do more than less. we're talking less than 3%. we're talking about a federal budget that's still going to grow. let's be clear about this, only in washington, d.c. is that a cut." >> reporter: six weeks into his term as virginia's senator, democrat tim kaine says washington should go back to the basics. >> "let's get rid of the gimmicks, sequester, continuing resolution. get back to ordinary budgeting, just like what happens in every state capitol every year." >> reporter: senate democrats plan to vote on a measure this week to replace
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the cuts for another year. but with 85 billion dollars at stake, there is still no deal in sight. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. >> danica patrick made racing history again today at the daytona 500. only to see another driver come away with the win. jimmie johnson used a late push to steal the lead and claim his second daytona 500 victory. but not before patrick made history again by becoming the first woman to lead a lap of the race. this after she made history earlier in the week by winning the pole. patrick finished in eighth place. dale earnhardt junior came in second place. nascar officials talking about the details behind yesterdays crash on the final lap of the daytona speedway. the cars were traveling at speeds of about 175-miles- per-hour. jockeying for positions.when they got tangled up sending debris into the crowd injuring 33 people. officials explained how a tire managed to get past a fence and into the crowd. the crash was the second wreck of the day, there were no fatalities.
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>> the gorgeous day through sausalito, some high clouds and a legal view. notice, it is the full bill. he's really making for a beautiful evening that full moon.. increase with clouds not completely overcast but there could be some high clouds. some of mt. tam live conditions looking towards the party is bridge. we have the carquines bridge and the breeze is 10 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h.. nevertheless
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teletext not that ba neverthelet that bad. temperatures and not that bad. with some increase in college but the temperatures not that bad. and more mild temperatures. 60s. as for the rest of the week and not much to changing. 60s. but that is about it. tangible form to possibly the 70's. clear skies there is a bad weather system. most of this is going to the pacific northwest. here is the future of a house of notice futurecast. through ukiah,
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sunlight scattered showers. however, we are going to see some light, scattered showers. 30's in the morning. nearly freezing. 30's in the east bay. highs for the afternoon will be pretty nice. sunny skies. mountain view, sunnyvale. look for 60s to pop up inland. and pittsburgh, antioch, livermore oakland, getting to the 60s for tomorrow. petaluma, and 60s near the ocean. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay notes, there's no rain in the forecast. and warmer temperatures by friday. the 70's. >> an east bay watchdog group is suing several companies - including target - for selling children's mats. which the group says. contain toxic chemicals. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the mats are commonly used in daycare facilities throughout the
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bay area. >> i have a 4 year old, i was horrified to find when company sells nap mats they have these toxic chemicals in them. >> reporter: michael green with the center for environmental tests the oakland watchdog group conducted on these, nap mats commonly used in daycare faciltilities. >> here is an example of a the typical test. we cut out the foam and sent it, it contains the chemicals we are alarmed about. >> reporter: and it wasn't just one mat, but the tests performed by an expert at duke university found the problem was prevalent. listen to the results. >> 22 out of 24 had one. >> reporter: green says the chemicals are known to cause a wide range of health risks for children. >> one is even banned. take a look here. see this tag, green says parents or other caregivers should inquire at their child's daycare facitlity to check
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for themselves to see if the mats they are using these mats. >> see how it says polyurethene. green says already one company has agreed to pull the mats, they are working with other manufacturers, in the meantime, they will continue with their lawsuit, for the sake of all children. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. coming up to roundabouts.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. here's the area where the round-about is stanley was showing us. >> this is in the richmond district. some confused driver many drivers see this
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circle and is of the fact that they have to stop. can you see this black mark on the curb? let me tell you steve. >> a couple of weekends ago i heard a crash the guy hhit the edge of it and we heard some skid marks. >> apparently you do not even have to speak good english. >> after a rise of the light! >> these round of boats are part of the traffic calming gestures but many are going over the posted 25 m.p.h. >> i am from south africa. >> yes. i am intrigued. it was interesting that i was going to see how it was going to go. >> as i have seen people turned the wrong way. and it
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does not seem to slow people a round. >> i like the east but for some people it will take a while to get used to. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m
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police in palo alto today released a sketch of a suspect who tried to rob a man at gunpoint near a parking garage on friday night. police said dispatchers got a call around 8:25 p.m. from a man reporting that an armed man had just tried to rob him near the webster/cowper parking garage at 520 webster st. officers arrived on the scene within two minutes but were unable to find the suspect. police said the victim, a man in his 50s, had taken a pause during a walk along a pathway on the south side of the parking garage when the suspect approached him on a bicycle. the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the man. the victim grabbed the suspect's arm and tried to wrestle his gun away, and the two men fell to the ground and struggled over the weapon, according to police. the suspect kept a firm grip on the weapon, and the victim gave up and ran away. no one was injured and no property was stolen. detective are actively
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investigating the incident and attempting to determine whether there is a possible link to three other armed robberies reported in palo alto in recent weeks. each of those robberies involved people walking in or near downtown palo alto. police are reminding people to stay aware of their surroundings while out for walks and to report any suspicious activity immediately to 911. anyone with information abou the national park service now warning visitors to beware. thieves are now preying on visitors. at some of the bay area's most scenic points. kron4's terisa estacio shows us where. with it's breath taking views - visitors often pack the parking lot here at battery spencer - but in the last few months, thieves have zeroed in crowds, preying on those simple here to take in the sights. this is kevin cockery with the national park service. >> we have seen an increase. people get distracted and leave behind valuables. >> reporter: and sure enough, i found expensive electronics out in plain view, like this internet router, several gps devices, and look here, someone even left their truck open with their suitcases exposed. i shut it - just in case. >> we have been trying to get the word out. recently, the park service conducted an campaign to educate people to help crack down on the problem. >> we put report cards on the cars.
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plus they have performed some covert operations. >> we have caught people, that felt good. in the meantime, they add - they hope people will not get spooked by the breakins and stay away, but instead, take precautions with the belongings while enjoying the view. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. controversy growing in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood. it's over bars along the popular polk street some residents say. there's too many of them. and want a ban put in place kron 4's alecia reid has the story.
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>> bar after bar after bar. they've introduced legislation that would put a cap on licenses. from california. some neighbors come here and complain about these crowds and agree with the enforcement. >> these last couple of years it has got to and it really bad with drunken people getting into fights, throwing up. doing crazy stuff. and you see these party bosses. it is really wild. party busses these nightclubs are turning into an unregulated irresponsible management. even retell spot
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seems to be turning into retail-spots it seems to be turning into places for people to drink. >> part of this has been the revitalization. and i, my wife here. we do not recognize the problems that other people are having. and if you get on board with the board of directors the would oppose this legislation would also tend to do this, formally. >> in the and this can only take effect if it is approved by the border of supervisors. >> an online resource unveiled this week. to help commuters get ready for the removal of toll takers on the golden gate bridge. in just over a month -- all tolls will be collected electronically. kron 4's maureen kelly has what you need to know.
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first offif you already have fastrack.then you don't have anything to worry about when all electronic tolling goes live.just drive on thru like you normally do. if you don't have can now sign up for an account on the golden gate bridge district's website. you have to keep a prepaid balance to use it, .but it knocks a dollar off the toll you pay here on the golden gate bridgeand you can use it on all the other bay area bridges as well. if you don't like the idea of a prepaid balance and you'd rather just pay as you go another option would be to also sign up for pay by plate.which is an account linked to your car's liscense plate. your credit card is charged the full 6 dollar toll after camera's detect your plate as you drive thru. another can make a one time payment either before or within 48 hours of crossing the spaneither here on lineor at one of the many kiosks that will be set up around the bay area.and yes.those will take cash. those who do nothing at allwill get a bill.the car's registered owner will recieve a toll invoice like
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this one here in the mail. and they'll have 21 days to pay before being hit with a 25 fine for toll evasion. maureen kelly kron4 news with automatic budget cuts >> of clear skies >> clear skies and this week weather system. by that time we get going tomorrow, those clouds will be out of here. look for clear skies of this evening and after midnight we will have the clouds and patchy low clouds around the bay. by 9:00 a.m., they should be out of here with sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. mild temperatures. a bit chilly. here is futurecast. 40's. and 30's in the north bay. 30's in the east bay. as we
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go for the afternoon, bright, sunshine and similar temperatures. and look for low and mid-60s. a couple of places even 70's. we are going to see warmer temperatures for the rest of this week. your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> with automatic budget cuts athena jones takes a look at how these cuts can effect everyone. she sat down with one family that could lose it all if congress cannot complete a deal. >> come on. let's go. >> reporter: keishae harrison and her son kyree have been living in this emergency shelter for a year. she's hoping to get help from the government to pay for more permanent housing. >> i'm on a waiting list for public housing, section 8, and i've been on the wait list for four years. >> reporter: if lawmakers can't reach a deal to stop forced spending cuts by friday, harrison and others like her could find themselves waiting much, much longer as funds for
8:40 pm
public housing are slashed by three hundred million dollars and more than 100- thousand families lose rental assistance, according to the center on budget and policy priorities. >> it's not like we are in good shape today. >> the need for housing assistance is vastly outstripping the availability. >> this is going to make us go backwards and it's going to make the problem even worse. >> reporter: harrison's shelter is run by a non- profit that gets some funding from donations. critics of government housing programs believe they limit this kind of private sector support. >> we know there is very, very broad, robust research that says for every dollar a government spends on sort of these kinds of programs, it actually crowds out 75- cents of private donation to charities. >> reporter: after losing her job at a clothing store three years ago, harrison has finally had success in finding a new one at the
8:41 pm
washington nationals' baseball stadium. >> i'll be doing the promotions. >> i'll be at the front entrance, you know, passing out tee-shirts and key chains and stuff like that. >> reporter: the position is part-time, but harrison hopes it will lead to other jobs that will help provide a better, more stable life for her son. >> i just want the best for him, you know. >> i just want the best for him. one key to that is finding a more permanent home the administration say these budget cuts will mean fewer families will get foreclosure prevention help and communities won't be able to build and renovate as many affordable housing units. athena jones, cnn, washington oscar pistorius isn't the only one in his family accused of killing someone. coming up, we'll take a look at his brother carl pistorius on trial for the homicide of a female motorcyclist. and it's the pop's last mass.what the pontiff told his followers at today's sunday service.
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>> cuban president raul castro starting his last five year term today. castro says he will not seek another.
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cuba's president plans to resign in 20-18. he's tapped 52-year-old miguel diaz-canel as his top deputy. diaz-canel is expected to assume the presidency without any disruption. castro says cuba has reached a "transcendent" moment in which it's ready to start transferring responsibility and power to a younger generation. castro was officially elected president in 2008. in 2018, he will be 86. in his final sunday blessing, pope benedict xvi told a crowd of thousands in st. peter's square that he'll be taking up a life of prayer. pope benedict says he's not "abandoning the church" but will serve it in "a way more suitable" to his age and strength.
8:45 pm
earlier this month, he announced his resignation which is to take place in four days. rumors around the reason for the resignation include the cover up of a gay conclave the vatican has denied these rumors. return to index of stories... oscar pistorius isn't the only one in his family accused of killing someone. oscar's older brother, carl pistorius, is accused of culpable homicide in the 2010 death of a female motorcyclist. prosecutors say pistorius was driving recklessly when he was involved in a fatal accident in south africa. pistorius' attorney disputes the allegations, claiming the woman rode the motorcycle into his client's vehicle. carl's trial has been scheduled for the end of march, meaning his trial could be completed before oscar's trial for the death of his girlfriend even begins. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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twitter for apple now.. this is a ssocial media all look ing to surpass the popularity of to ordtwitter and you can have your own
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'pheed'. with no rest rictions. with no lenght or size. and the teens are alos so taking to pheed they are using other social media besides facebook. it is possible that it could be the next facebook. and i caught up with them, and our the handling their overnight success. they are surprised that there teenage demographic has chosen them.
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>> a power of a couple of teenagers making something going viral with a celebrity with followers could have done we never expected like that with anything like this. gabe slate tech report >> we're giving you a peek at the next generation of cell phones. transparent phones! the taiwan division of a u- s company. poly-tron technologies. spent six - years developing this prototype. the company says, it is scratch and shatter proof. the only parts of the phone that are not transparent. are the battery and circuit board. it should hit the market by the end of the year. and while the price is top secret, it is rumored to cost less than the i-phone- 5.
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a trip to see the gallery of presdient's portraits usually means paintings behind velvet ropes. but now patrons are being encouraged to reach out and interact with the collection -- with an app! karin caifa shows us more. >> this provides a more intuitive a app to brthe llery off the wall on to where ever you are standing. >> we know that it is not always possible for you to experience the entire photograph or painting. however, with this new act, we want to bring that next level, to you. karin caifa . kron 4 we are
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going to see some clothes. the ukiah. -we are going to see some-clear conditions tomorrow after the fog possibly in the morning that could clear out by 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. some high, thin clouds. and also, some low clouds. by the bay. those should clear out, put to th60s. and much for the same thing. what is happening is that this stormtracker is a bo. the north. with high, thin clouds. :4 this week. we are
8:53 pm
going to see temperatures warming up. friday, saturday, tens getting into the 70's. for the sierras, not much snow. remember, that we received quite a bit of snowfall for the month of november, december. and this is the range of normalcy. for this season. it does not look like we are going to get that much snowfall. high temperatures and partly/mostly skies. temperatures in the 40's. readings near the bay will be low mid-40s. for the afternoon, pretty nice. mid- 60s for san jose, fremont. redwood city. timing it out
8:54 pm
with sunny skies. mid-60s on tap for concord, pittsburgh. livermore. and as well as locations near the bay. oakland, 60s for tomorrow and even san francisco. 50s. the ocean. petaluma, napa, and your kron 4 7 day around the bay you do not have to worry about getting out to the umbrella. dry, sunny, high clouds and temperatures will be warming up. '70s. >> coming up after the break. the giants and a's continue to trek through spring training. we'll tell you how they did. plus. the warriors have won two in previous six. but can they keep their winning streak alive today against the timberwolves? all that and more coming up next.
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>> some people are born to be actors.while other take a less-conventional path to hollywood. for example, steven spielberg's film "lincoln" uses extras that are actual iraq and afghanistan amputees. two years after losing his legs in ied explosion in afghanistan. marine corps staff sergeant joey jones was one of three veterans cast in the acclaimed movie. jones appears in one six- second scene. he played a wounded warrior in the crucial scene where lincoln visits a hospital. the film started a friendship between the young retired marine and daniel day-lewis. day-lewis even came to jones's wedding a few months
8:58 pm
later. its day two of spring training down in the desert of arizona. with both the giants and a's in action. but after winning yesterday the giants fell to the cubs four-to-three. giants ace matt cain gave up four un-earned runs in the first inning. digging the giants into a hole that they couldn't battle back from. meanwhile the a's got their first win beating the angels seven-to-five. it was thanks in large part to a three run first inning. kicked off with a single by coco crisp and back-to-back doubles by newcomer chris young and seth smith. the warriors began their five game road trip today in minnesota facing the timberwolves. and jarrett jack came off the bench to lead the warriors to a 100-to-99 victory. jack scored a team high with 23 points to go along with eight assists. david lee chipped in 22 points and 13 rebounds. this win gives the warriors three in a row after losing six straight. the team will continue to play without center andrew bogut. who is out indefinitely with back spasms. next up they head to indiana to take on the pacers - who currently sit in second place in the eastern
8:59 pm
conference. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.